博鱼体育电竞’s academic curriculum utilizes a block schedule in which students take one intensive interdisciplinary course each quarter. This innovative form of learning provides students with opportunities for deeper interactions with topics of instruction than is available with traditional classrooms.


这些课程是8周的人文课程(英语和历史), 或STEM(科学), 技术, 工程, 和数学). The school year is divided into four quarters with students receiving a half a credit for each of these block courses.

学生 end the year with a Humanities credit that covers 英语 and 历史 and a STEM credit that covers 数学 and 科学.

学生 also have the opportunity to take up to two additional electives in art or language. Those students who will be assisted with academic support or 英语 as a Second 语言 (ESL) will also have these sessions included in their schedule.


当男孩有机会深入探讨话题时,他们学得最好.  Our unique block schedule allows for innovative project-based learning that focuses on skill development and provides a meaningful and engaging learning experience for students.

通过话题之间的联系, 他们创造了深刻洞察和持久理解的机会. 



博鱼体育电竞’s Principles of Learning create a unifying framework which informs us how to teach our students effectively.  通过这些原则, 教师引导学生在适应性和支持性的环境中成长, body, 和精神.


1: 男孩学习最好的方式是根据他们个人的身体状况进行区分, 情感, 和认知发展.

2: 男孩在恋爱中学得最好, supportive community where they have meaningful relationships with inspiring and dedicated adults.

3: 当技能发展为迈向精通的基石时,男孩学习效果最好.

4: Boys learn best when they experience their curriculum through vivid and intense activities with frequent practice and thoughtful feedback.

5: 男孩通过自我反省学习得最好, 从而深刻理解他们的学习和他们在社区中的价值.

6: Boys learn best through 健康y habits of mind that build a strong sense of self and character.

7: 男孩在想象的时候学得最好, 创新, 在一个以传统和价值观为基础的社区中创造.

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博鱼体育电竞班很小,通常只有10个学生. 老师住在校园里,担任辅导员、教练、导师和宿舍家长的角色. 他们了解学生,并在那里提供帮助. Each student has a faculty advisor who meets with him weekly and helps him get the most from South Kent's educational program.


博鱼体育电竞明白成人导师在年轻人生活中的重要作用. 在年初, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who meets with the student at least once a week and assists with navigating academic and school community responsibilities. 教师顾问帮助学生计划他们的学术课程, 与他们一起回顾每周的质量和努力卡, 作为成年人支持和建议的来源. 他们与父母合作,帮助每个男孩实现他的个人目标.


在博鱼体育电竞, a boy’s efforts are recognized through an effort rating system that encompasses just about every facet of school life. There are two sections of the effort system – one for academics on a weekly basis and another for community life in each marking period. 博鱼体育电竞认为,必须承认履行承诺的青年男子, 是负责任的, 并显示项目, 即使他们可能正在努力实现高质量的结果. We hope that success in the process of learning will eventually yield success in the product.

Our academic effort system is built around the weekly “Effort Evaluations” that are submitted by classroom teachers. The student’s effort in each class is assessed on a scale ranging from Outstanding (1) to Poor (5), 基于明确的标准.

A similar scale is used at the end of each marking period to assess a boy’s performance in other important parts of his life at South Kent: athletics, 工作, 宿舍, 和普通公民. 排名前十的学生将获得额外的学校特权.


优等学生学会是1907年成立的全国荣誉学会. 以Phi Beta Kappa为榜样, 它的目的是鼓励和认可中学的学习和良好的奖学金. Chapters of the 以优等成绩毕业者社会 are established only in schools of excellent academic quality. 博鱼体育电竞 elects as members those students in the Sixth Form year who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and who have maintained an honors record throughout their secondary school career. Election to the 以优等成绩毕业者社会 is one of the highest honors South Kent bestows on its students.


South Kent graduates are well prepared for academic work at the collegiate level and have carried a challenging class load.




学生 are required to complete Engage courses unless they are exempt due to their SUPA course responsibilities or South Kent Selects Academy obligations.

All students are required to take a minimum of five courses each year with the following exceptions:

  1. A student may enroll in four courses if he has taken a summer course approved by the Academic Office.
  2. 有学习差异的学生需要注册ASAP项目.
  3. A student may enroll in four courses if three of those courses are honors/advanced/SUPA level courses.

Underform学生(第三, 第四, and fifth forms) who fail a year-long course are required to make up the lost credit through summer work or by repeating the course the following academic year.

Sixth form and post graduate students are ineligible for graduation if they fail a year-long course. Sixth form and post graduate students who fail a year-long course will be required to replace the lost credit through course work completed during the summer. 夏季课程作业必须得到博鱼体育电竞教务处的批准. 学生 in this category may participate in graduation activities but no diploma or graduation date will be awarded until the coursework is completed.

To fulfill the language requirement, students must take at least two-years of the same language. The language requirement can be waived or altered if a student has a documented learning difference or if the student is interested in learning a computer language. 非英语母语者不需要参加额外的语言课程.

  1. Fulfill the obligations of the graduation requirements and complete a year at 博鱼体育电竞 (Current 学生).
  2. 毕业成绩单审核(须经校董会批准):
    1. 学生必须参加SKS至少一个完整的学年.
    2. 学生必须符合学校目前所有的学术要求.
    3. 这个学生必须离开SKS去追求他的大学所需要的道路, 健康, 职业目标, 或者其他学校校长觉得有说服力的理由的例子.
  3. 荣誉毕业. 由校长颁发.